CubeCam Wearable Camera
CubeCam Wearable Camera
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Classic Black Pearl White Rose Gold Champagne Gold
Micro-SD Card:
None 16GB 32GB
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CubeCam Wearable Camera

CubeCam Wearable Camera


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Extremely small size allows more actions;



24.5g only without sacrificing any functionality;



The clip allows you to clip it to your shirt, helmet, backpack, or bike to fill very different need;


Battery Life

2.5 hours continuous Video Recording;



Wireless data transfer to iOS/Android/Mac/PC;



Instantly share on YouTube, Facebook and more;


Live streaming

Connect the camera with APP and share your life and experience with friends. Go live any time anywhere;


Multiple Recording Modes

Support  antomatically continuous recording,  looping recording and slow motion;


App Enabled

Control the CubeCam on mobile devices, view and share anytime anywhere. 



Check Differences of Cubecam VS Cubecam Plus 


Download Cubecam/Cubecam Plus Video Player


Download APP: Cubecam/Cubecam Plus/Plus Cam APP for Android, or on Google Play, Apple Store


New replacement of main device for quality problem within 12 months, Money back within 15 days from purchasing date. (Remarks: Only for non-artificial damage and for main device, not for accessories or packaging. For E-commerce end-users, please always provide serial number and defective photos as well as device photo for initial evaluation of warranty.)



KEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable Camera

KEHAN CubeCam Wearable Camera

KEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable CameraKehan Cubecam Wearable CameraKEHAN CubeCam Wearable Camera





Field of View





24.5g without sacrificing any functionality


Removable Micro-SD card up to 64GB, Class 6 or up (Micro-SD card not included)

Battery Life

2.5 hours Continuous Video Recording


1920*1080; 1280*720; 640*480 MP4 with H.264


1280*720 JPEG


Micro-USB 2.0; WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Indicator LED

1* LED Light ( Blue/Red)


Continuous, automated, Loop,  Slow motion




Kehan App for iOS 8.0 or up/ Android 4.0 or up



Package List


1*USB Cable


1*User Manual

Questions on CubeCam Wearable Camera

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  • by Joseph on January 5, 2017
    How do I play back the video on computer?
    Hello, you need download the KEHAN video player on PC, here is the download link:, please download the CubeCam/CubeCam Plus Video Player for Windows.
  • by Wayne Carpenter on December 8, 2016
    How long does the battery last while recording?
    2.5 hours Continuous Video Recording.
  • by KMBarkus on November 20, 2016
    What does the mean with the red and blue light?
    The red and blue light is signal light, red-wifi off, blue-wifi on.

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Average Rating:

36 Item(s)

good camera
Sergey 05/08/18
  • this camera is very nice ,I use to take the interesting things
Was this review helpful?
Great stuff
Rajan Shah 03/07/18
  • This is my favor thing. Also, this small camera can catch very wide range of room, bigger than I though. this camera also have picture mode and video mode. Great stuff.
Was this review helpful?
It really worth the money.
roman 03/06/18
  • I like this little camera. It records good quality videos and come with a phone App and you can do lots of things inside the App. You can record videos or capture pictures on your phone or the MicroSD card inside the camera. the live streaming also work very well on both Youtube and Facebook. It really worth the money.
Was this review helpful?
beyond expect
Alex David 03/02/18
  • This camera is super tiny and convenient to used. Quality is fine.There are several feature I like most.
    First, it is very convenient to use this as a mini camera. When I want to take a picture I do not even need to take my phone out of my bag. I can easily put this little thing in my pocket. Second, it is HD,I see no difference with the pictures I took using my phone. Third it can use as a video recorder. Last but not least, as a hidden camera, you can watch it in time using wifi.
Was this review helpful?
Good one!
Rui Fernandes 27/01/18
  • It鈥檚 very small, but the video quality is very cool!
Was this review helpful?
cool hidden camera
Dan He 25/01/18
  • This is a cool hidden camera. It is so small and discreet, you鈥檒l be able to hide it pretty much anywhere to record. It鈥檒l work great as a nanny camera or like me, you can also use it to record any suspicious activities by your front door.
Was this review helpful?
Very Good
Andy 01/05/18
  • I feel this is a good product, small size is very easy to carry and hide. Looks good.
Was this review helpful?
Five Stars
Caleb 01/04/18
  • Good quality for such a small camera, use this for watching the dog. Wireless connection isstrong too!
Was this review helpful?
Love this little cam
Jie Lu 01/03/18
  • I am a baker,sometimes i need to record the steps of a new recipe.And this little cam is exactly what i need,easy to use,high vedio quality.Comes with a cilp can help me use it anywhere with convenience.
Was this review helpful?
Rui Fernandes 12/07/17
  • Very small cam with very good quality. Excellent.
Was this review helpful?
pretty clear
Noad 12/07/17
  • Help my friend to buy it, so I can not take a picture for you. But he said it is pretty clear.
Was this review helpful?
I love this mini carmera
tiffany 12/07/17
  • this mini camera is very nice and convenient, it's very easy set up and connect to your phone and then you can turn on the voice and mic then you can speck and hear the sound. This mini camera is very easy to put in your pocket or anywhere anyway I love this camera.
Was this review helpful?
Really easy to used
kate 12/05/17
  • Really easy to used.I just took few minutes to setup and download the App on my phone. The directions are easy to follow in order to setup the camera on phone. It works great ! This camera has night vision, which is nice if there is no lightning.
Was this review helpful?
the quality of the sound and video is higher than I expected
Abby 12/05/17
  • Still can't believe how amazing this camera is.. I mean, no just the size but the quality of the sound and video is higher than I expected. I have been looking for this product for a while but couldn't afford the prices until I found this. Easy to charge and to use it. I will finally find out how the baby sister does her work which is the main reason why I bought it.
Was this review helpful?
very useful video recording function
Caleb 12/04/17
  • Like this mini camera very much, the picture quality is very clear, a very small one is very easy to put where others see, and the camera is also very useful video recording function, very good help me to monitor the people in my neighborhood Like every move.
Was this review helpful?
small size, good resolution
Jonathan 12/04/17
  • this camera is really really good. small size, good resolution.
Was this review helpful?
Five Stars
Aiden 30/11/17
  • AAAAAA+++++++
Was this review helpful?
very clear views
Jaime E. Cucalon 30/11/17
  • Very tiny camera with very clear views, recommend it
Was this review helpful?
I like the product.
Logan 29/11/17
  • It has decent quality and is very small. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. It included very detailed and clear instructions, I like the product.
Was this review helpful?
the item is so small
Benjamin 29/11/17
  • it is so much fun and can be so useful!! the item is so small, so I can hide anywhere I want, lol.....
Was this review helpful?
stealth camera, very small, very convenient
jessie 28/11/17
  • Very cute stealth camera, very small, very convenient, designed very well
Was this review helpful?
cool mini camera
Christian 28/11/17
  • this is a cool mini camera i put it in my house and i can watch everything from my phone !
Was this review helpful?
Easy to use, clear to watch, Good price
Andrew 28/11/17
  • I bought it for watching my dog in the patio. Easy to use, clear to watch, Good price for it. It seems good idea to use it for car camera though.
Was this review helpful?
small camera
Joshua 24/11/17
  • Good quality and small camera.Easy to use and put together. Very good quality.
Was this review helpful?
starsGood product. Portable and easy to use
Henry 23/11/17
  • Good product. Portable and easy to use. The manual is very clear. The real-time video has about 0.2s delay, but for recording purpose it is good enough.
Was this review helpful?
Delivery was really fast, product is compact
Traceyz 23/11/17
  • buying this camera for fun. Delivery was really fast, product is compact, easy to use and setup. Good product.
Was this review helpful?
starsIt is so fun to play with it with my friends together
Nike 23/11/17
  • This one is exact what I want. The size is small has a cable charger. The video is very clear. I can access the App to see the video in real time. It is so fun to play with it with my friends together. Just make it hiding somewhere and take video.
Was this review helpful?
it is hard to notice it
Stewart mommy 23/11/17
  • This mini hidden spy camera pen is really small. I use it to record my front door. I like that it is hard to notice it from outside. Software is good and everything is working well
Was this review helpful?
Works well
Brynn B 22/11/17
  • I was actually surprised how well this worked and how easy it was to setup especially since I hate reading directions. The picture quality was clear and the ability to use the app on my phone is a major plus. It is very inconspicuous. I got it to keep an eye on my 8 yr old son at night to make sure he wasn't playing in his room. Worth every penny!
Was this review helpful?
Looks great, light weight, functions well.
T. T. Smith 30/09/17
  • Looks great, light weight, functions well. Good seller with nice product. Would use seller again.
Was this review helpful?
The product much worth to the price and everything is same as advertised.
Matthias 17/02/17
  • I have used it outside to check out the quality for about an hour. The video and audio is impeccable. It is so sharp and clean. This Mini DV is MultiFunctions:Take a Video ,Take a Picture, Sound control video, Removable Disc, Charging while video. It is suitable for use on various occasions, Such as Surfing, Hiking, Sports Bike Driving, Motorbike, Lanyard Necklace and so on. Ultra- Small, exquisite user- friendly design, the work for hello, thelives of more saftey, convenience and enjoyment for the net work video, live video/ surveillance, com mercial video/ monitor, on-site evidence of video/monitoring, development recording/monitoring and other purposes.
    The product much worth to the price and everything is same as advertised.
Was this review helpful?
Very practical!
Naomi Carr 12/12/16
  • Easy to carry and record the meeting content clearly.Perfect for my work,if something missed taking note I can review it again by the hidden camcorder.If possible,will recommend to other colleagues.Very practical!
Was this review helpful?
Worked well
Ewan Watts 12/10/16
  • Worked well enough that I search for one myself, I received this product in a very timely manner. The instructions made it very easy to start using it right away. At the same time, the audio and video is far more advanced than I thought it would be. Just a little expensive.
Was this review helpful?
Best Wearable Camera on The Market
Acta.jr 25/11/16
  • This wearable camera makes the idea of capturing moments in my everyday life that i might otherwise miss in the fumble to pull out a smartphone or compact digital camera much easier!

    The fast delivery surprised me. It comes with the camera itself, the clip, start guide and the usb cable. The device has many features and I notice that you have to read the manual! The quality of videos and images is ok, I could live with it for my needs. But to someone who is looking for a professional camera I would not recommend it.

    Sometimes the software is annoying, the engineer really need to fix the problems.

    Overall this really is a wearable camera you can put on and forget about, i always clip to my shirt in class to record voice and video notes.
Was this review helpful?
This is an awesome product!
Jesse 19/11/16
  • I just received a day ago and I am very pleased with the recorder! My daughter can takes video of new born and not miss a thing, also took it on a rafting trip and it worked great.
Was this review helpful?
Fantastic tiny camera for lifestreaming
M Freitas 21/09/16
  • This lifelogging camera is designed to capture and then re-stream everything that happens to you. I got this last week, very small and lovely, really tiny (the smallest camera I have ever seen!!!!). The sharing feature is quite interesting, my friends and family have fun when I wear it and go live on youtube.
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?

36 Item(s)

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