World's first voice broadcast IP camera, KEHAN K10

2016-10-12 03:01:51

The world's first voice broadcast IP camera, KEHAN K10 is on sale with discount coupon. Security IP cameras are becoming more and more popular with the community and we are trying our best to ride the wave so you can get the K10 currently on sale using the official website or even on Amazon, where you will also get a 16 GB memory card for free.

KEHAN K10 IP camera


Regarding the specs, Kehan K10 is running a Linux system and is equipped with 1 Mpix OV9712 sensor with HD resolution. It supports H.264 codec, SD cards up to 32 GB, two way audio, motion detection, alarm, WiFi and 3G/4G networks.Thanks to an IR diode it has also night vision (up to 10 m distance), pan & tilt 355° and vertical 100°, remote monitor, P2P cloud service and more. Kehan K10 is also compatible both with Android and iOS devices. You can find all the specs and everything explained here and you can buy it right there too. We will throw a discount coupon KHK10 to the mix too, coupon lowers the price by $20, but is valid only for 3 days.

KEHAN K10 can also be connected and controlled via APP 'KEHAN AP', which can be downloaded at Google Play or APPLE Store. UI on mobile devices is still editing and testing, so that's not final version. 

KEHAN K10 IP camera

As mentioned before you can get the Kehan K10 also on Amazon with a discount couponKHK10PM2 and you will get a 16 GB bonus SD card.

Discounts in respective Amazone stores.

USA – 15 dollars –
UK – 10 pounds –
FR – 15 euro –
IT – 15 euro –