KEHAN Wearable CubeCam Is In Presale

2016-08-17 09:31:00

KEHAN newly developed a different kind of product, wearable camera CubeCam. It allows people clip on their clothes, bags or some other places, to fit their clothing and dressing style. People usually say that a good camera is the one that on your hands. The tiny size of CubeCam makes it possible to be carried on with poeple anywhere at any time.


KEHAN CubeCam Wearable Camera


Cubecam supports video mode and picture mode. It's connected to mobile device via App. On the device, you will see the image you are capturing. You can try to put the camera away, and snap video or photo on KEHAN AP. It's very convenient and interesting. 

As the usual battery life of CubeCam is only 2.5 hours, so to meet more customers' needs, KEHAN create a 'smart dock' to provide an extra 10 hours battery life to CubeCam. The new creative is named as CubeCam Plus as below.


KEHAN CubeCam Plus Wearable Camera


The smart dock can be 90° rotate freely. and it can be attached to walls or desks easily. In this way, you will be able to remotely record and monitor what's going on at your home and office, to keep it safe. What's more, connecting CubeCam Plus to App, you can do live streaming and share your story on social medias. Quite amazing, right?


KEHAN CubeCam Plus Wearable Camera


Considering clients' different preference, KEHAN makes Cubecam in several classic colors like, black, white, Champagne gold and rose gold, multiple choice offered. If you are curious about its performance in real action, we soon will have a video comes out to show it all round. If you are interested in it, go get it.

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