Kehan 鈥嬧婥ubeCam, Mini Camera stretcher Attractive Design


Today many mini cameras popping up to offer the design and specifications are interesting to observe. Deteknokers tertunya already familiar with some of the action series camera seperto Go Pro series until Xiaomi Yi. But how if there is a camera that size is smaller than the Action Cam that exist today?

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Kehan's Cubecam appear on Indiegogo for crowdfunding


The Kehan Cubecam is a portable and light action camera, which recently went up for pre-sale via their website. But, Indiegogo – the crowdfunding website, now lists the Cubecam. This move is probably to raise some money for the future manufacturing capabilities and newer products, with an aim of $50,000. 

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Kehan CubeCam Wearable presales are up for $99.99


Kehan CubeCam can of course capture both video and pictures and it’s pretty easy to pair it with a smartphone so you can see the results right away. It has f/2.5 aperture and 120° field of view, while it shoot the video in HD resolution (720p@30fps).  

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Kehan K300 review: A dual-camera dash cam for under 拢80


There are lots of good-quality dash cams to choose between, but the majority record only what happens in front of you. With the KC300 you get a second camera on a long wire which records the view behind your car as well, giving you evidence in the event that someone rear-ends you.

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